offrire strumenti per gestire da protagonisti la svolta culturale verso modelli produttivi sostenibili.

The Water & Energy Project

fornisce agli operatori del settore agroalimentare un quadro aggiornato dei problemi legati all’utilizzo dell’acqua e dell’energia, provides information and indications necessary in order to deal effectively and with full understanding with the many issues related to the responsible management of resources which are vital for the future of our planet.

Good Practices

focuses on how to enhance the value of products, farms and supply chains by focusing on examples of good practices and on environmental sustainability certifications.

Latteria Soresina

Thanks to the cultivation and maintenance of the agricultural areas under their control the farmers and members of the Latteria Soresina farm an area of ​​about 1/4 of the agricultural soil of ​​the province of Cremona, one of the Italian provinces most devoted to agriculture... read >


Lattebusche has embarked on a path to sustainability. The care that this cooperative has for its territory is not limited to the important work of its associated producers, who are naturally inclined to the preservations of their own territory, it is also based on the investments, certifications and on the daily actions taken within its production plants... read >
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Vacche macellateentra

Trade of live Cattleentra

Latest Updates ImportExport Period
Finland (Heifers) -126 heads Jan-Feb
Belarus (All) 193 heads4 heads Jan-Mar
Poland (Heifers) 845 heads242 heads Jan-Feb
Argentina (Heifers) -4 heads Jan 17
Sweden (Heifers) -0 heads Jan-Feb
t = tons Source: IHS

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Farm System

Estimates for the new season [Corn and Soybean - n°5/2017]read

Posted on 12/05/2017

The monthly report of May 2017 released by the United States Department of Agriculture (World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates Report – WASDE) presents the estimates for the new season 2017-18. Gobal production is lowered both for Corn (1033.66 Mio t, -3% from 2016-17) and Soybean (344.21 ...

TESEO by CLAL.itentra

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TESEO analizza il mercato agricolo ed allevatoriale, rende disponibili dati, notizie e sintesi mediante un'attività di informazione e formazione.

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Agricultural Market Feed

I- Milan, Italian Soybeans flour price In calo 337  €/ton -2,32%
I- Milan, Foreign soybeans price In calo 390  €/ton -1,76%
I - Milan, pressed lucerne hay price In calo 210  €/ton -6,67%
I - Milan, Bran price In calo 110  €/ton -12,00%
USA - Wheat Price In aumento 150  €/ton +5,30%
USA - Soybeans Price In calo 333  €/ton -1,72%
US - Maize price In aumento 129  €/ton +1,45%
Information Note
  1. Le Notizie dal Mercato registrano soltanto le variazioni; in caso di non variazione o non quotazione (n.q.) non si procede al calcolo.
  2. Le variazioni quantitative delle PRODUZIONI sono calcolate in rapporto ai valori rilevati nel medesimo mese dell'anno precedente.
  3. Le variazioni quantitative degli STOCCAGGI sono calcolate in rapporto ai valori rilevati nel mese precedente.
  4. Le variazioni dei PREZZI (settimanali, quindicinali, mensili) rispetto a quelli precedentemente rilevati sono espresse in valuta locale sia in Europa sia nel Mondo. In caso di doppia quotazione (min e max), le variazioni sono calcolate utilizzando i PREZZI MAX.

Prices of Fertilizers

I - Modena, Triple superphosphate granular 46% Stabile 376  €/ton 0.00%
I - Modena, Ammonium nitrate prilled 26% Stabile 247  €/ton 0.00%
I - Modena, Urea prilled 46% Stabile 320  €/ton 0.00%

TESEO for Tech 

TESEO opens up a showcase for innovative technological products. Each product is linked with a technical sheet and a Company profile.'