Rrequest sent from CLAL to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic on 2013-07-18

We used to publish on our website BUTTER (Máslo Bloky), EDAMER (Eidamskà cihla 45%) and Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP Susené odtuc. ml. 25kg. ) monthly wholesale prices in the Czech Republic.
Unfortunately, since January 2013 we haven't found them anymore on your website http://eagri.cz/public/web/mze/zemedelstvi/statistika/mleko/
Could you please help us in finding that prices?

Reply received from the Statistical Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic on 2013-07-22

We are regret to inform you that surveys on monthly wholesale prices of butter (Máslo bloky), EDAMER (Eidamská cihla 45%) and Skimmed Milk (SMP Sušené odtuč. ml. 25 kg) conducted by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture have been stopped due to ongoing assessment of the burden on respondents and of the production costs.
Monthly wholesale prices of the certain dairy products are published by State Agricultural Intervention Fund in the frame of Milk Quotas Management. For information please visit the website http://www.szif.cz/irj/portal/anonymous/uvod_en?lang=en
Prices are available in Table "Tab.: č.3 Ceny mlékárenských výrobků při prodeji z mlékárny" in a bulletin for every each month.

Prague, 2013 July 22nd