Product characteristics:

cheese with a hard cooked paste


- whole cheeses: in a conditioned atmosphere
- vacuum-packed: in the refrigerator for a period shown on the packaging


hard paste cheese with designated origin, made from milk from farms in the province of Trento


partially skimmed raw milk, rennet, salt, without preservatives or additives

Nutritional values:

referring to 100 g of product
(data may be subject to variation depending on the period of production)

Energy Proteins Fats Carbohydrates Phosphorus Calcium
394 Kcal 33 g 28 g none 690 mg 1290 mg


Whole Trentingrana cheeses weighing about 35 Kg mainly cut
on request at the counter

Pieces of Trentingrana weighing 4 Kg and 8 Kg in particular
for the catering sector

Wedges of Trentingrana weighing 300 g and 1 Kg vacuum-packed
for self-service or supermarkets, ideal for family use

100 g sachet of grated Trentingrana, ready for use and highly practical