Germania: Dairy Farm Structure

This page provides with a general market view of the dairy farm structure in Germania with relation to:
  • Number of cows (heads)
  • Number of dairy farms
  • Agricultural area size class (in hectares)
The chart below shows the connection between the average farm size (cows/farms) and the number of farms destined to the cow breeding for milk production with relation to the agricultural area size.

The tables indicates the Number of dairy Farms and the Number of heads of each selected German Region, with relation to the agricultural area size..

Charts at the bottom shows the comparison between Number of Farms and Number of heads in each selected Region more in depth.
Show/Hide the comparison between Niedersachsen (D) and Lombardia (I) and the comparison between Baden-Wurttemberg (D) and Bretagne (F)
UK trade data for the period Jan - Apr 2020 are provisional