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"GRUPPO FORMAGGI DEL TRENTINO" is a Trentino (Trentino is a mountain region located in Northeren Italy) dairy group composed by 17 dairies located in the orographic mountain basin of the Trento province. Its goal is to offer their excellent cheeses to national and international markets as they represent a symbol of the Trentino region tradition. Products are produced exclusively on this specific geographical area through a production method so called "milk-hay": cheeses are made with cow's milk, fed exclusively with forage and NO-GMO feed authorised by the Consortium CONCAST (the Trentino Social Consortium of Dairies)

"GRUPPO FORMAGGI DEL TRENTINO" is the reference point for costumers and distribution channels granting food safe and local products traditionally traded.


Trentino: tastes and culture

Green valleys, fascinating forests and mountain peaks, pure water resources. This panorama together with many other peculiarities represents the Italian Trentino region, an unspoiled territory partly protected as natural park.
This vital and continuously evolving land is mirrored in the traditions and in the products of fields and pastures. It is an expression of the virtuous relationship between civilisation and landscape, well-being and hospitality. This is the cradle of unique tastes, characterised by the great passion for gastronomic culture and for the uniqueness of its products.

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