Lattebusche: indicators and results for sustainability

Lattebusche has embarked on a path to sustainability. The care that this cooperative has for its territory is not limited to the important work of its associated producers, who are naturally inclined to the preservations of their own territory, it is also based on the investments, certifications and on the daily actions taken within its production plants.

Certification ISO 14000

In 2002 Lattebusche obtained the ISO 14000 certification, related to the company’s environmental management.
This important certification has several advantages, such as:

  • an additional guarantee of compliance with the legal limits,
  • greater reliability in the eyes of Supervisory Authorities,
  • an economic return in terms of energy and water savings.

Despite, or perhaps because of the voluntary actions taken in the field of environmental management, the sales of Lattebusche show a positive trend.

Indicators and Results

The effects of the interventions are, in some cases, measurable: the amount of sludge resulting from water purification, CO2 emissions related to energy consumption, the consumption of both energy and water.

Lattebusche has used such indicators as a valuable management tool.
Based on such indicators, a list was drawn of the activities aimed at improving environmental management carried out from 2008 to 2012:

  • Reduction of energy consumption by 2.83% on processed milk
  • Decreased plastic consumption by 41,000 Kg
  • Decreased cardboard consumption by 18,000 kg
  • Decreased water consumption by 17% on processed milk
  • Decreased sludge production by 57% on processed milk
  • Decline in the average COD value from the treatment plant by 52%
  • Decreased CO2 emissions by 3.49% on processed milk

The graphs show the evolution of the values of some key elements in environmental management, showing how Lattebusche has obtained such results.

Awards and Acknowledgments

Following is a list of awards and acknowledgments received by Lattebusche for its success in the field of environmental management:

  • Radical Green Award (2013): acknowledgment granted to 10 of the best sustainability experiences in the Italian Triveneto Region.
  • Oscar Green (2013) - Category "Food Supply Chain": recognition to the winning company in the category reserved for companies that have been able to create new business opportunities, consolidating the position of agricultural establishments within the supply chain through synergies, economic and quality improvements while paying attention to the final consumer.
  • Sustainable Economy Award (2013): recognition for having taken concrete initiatives for the sustainable economic development of our territory.
  • Award for Environmental and Corporate Sustainability (2015/2016): National Champion in representation of Italy.