Costs and Income of U.S. Dairy Farms

The page displays production income and costs of US Dairy Farms.
Annual data, reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), are expressed in US$ per 100kg of milk produced.

The first graph shows income trends, divided into:
Income from milk sales (the main item), income from livestock, other revenues.

The second graph compares total dairy farm income (red curve) versus costs, grouped into three categories:
Feed costs, allocated overhead, operating costs excl. feed.

The third graph allows the analysis of individual cost items by clicking on the names of the three categories:
Feed costs, purchased feed, homegrown harvested feed, grazed feed, allocated overhead, capital recovery of machinery and equipment, hired labor, opportunity cost of unpaid labor, general farm overhead, taxes and insurance, opportunity cost of land (rental rate), operating costs excl. Feed, veterinary and medicine, custom service, repairs, fuel, lube, and electricity, bedding and litter, marketing Interest on operating capital, other operating costs.

The graphs show the weight of individual items versus total costs. By clicking on the legend it is possible to hide "Other cost categories"; this allows an easier analysis of the items having the least impact on total costs.