Performance of Dairy Farms   FARM S/STEM

Goal of the FARM S/STEM project is to assess the competitiveness of Italian dairy Farms. CLAL selected a group of dairy farmers of Northern Italy having a special interest in performance analysis and costs and sent out its Team to assess the herd management on these Farms and to collect dairy farm data.

The spider web chart compares the performance data recorded for each Farm.
By filling out the form below the chart you can compare the performance of your Farm with the performances of the Farms participating in the project.
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How to interpret the graph:

Each coloured area is representative of a Farm; the vertexes on the various axes indicate the results for each Farm in terms of: productivity, fat and protein content, the success in shortening the age at first calving, replacement capacity and number of lactations per cow; all important items for Farm performance analysis.
On each of these axes, higher values correspond to a higher performance, so the larger the total surface area the better the performance. The number of lactating cows is at the top of the chart.

Farms may be compared based on milk destination,
be it for the production of:

* The Replacement Capacity consists in the number of heifers in the Dairy farm between 10 and 22 months of age divided by the total number of culled animals in a year.
In the study sample there are Farms with a high replacement capacity. . These are Farms which are expanding and/or which depend for a considerable part of their returns on the sale of heifers.
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Your dairy Farm

By filling in the form below you can visualize the graph of your dairy Farm (red coloured area, identified by the code TU__) and compare its performance with those of the dairy Farms participating in the FARM S/STEM project. The processing takes place on your computer: no data is sent to CLAL. The numbers to be entered are the yearly averages for each item.

FARM S/STEM Performance

Minimum, average and maximum performance of dairy Farms participating in the project.
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Israel 2011: 24.4 months
Source: The Israeli Herdbook 2011

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