Italy: Slaughtered swine for PDO/PGI

This page shows the swine transfers and slaughters for the Italian PDO/PGI pig supply chain.
The data are provided by IFCQ and CSQA through the RIFT (Italian Registry of Protected Supply Chain): it is a new computer system that collects, aggregates, and organizes the recorded data by farms, slaughterhouses and cutting plants for the purposes of tracing the raw material.

ITALY: Slaughtered swine for PDO/PGI
2023 (p)
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Pigs received with AM* (heads) Expand 600.629 -0.34% = 136.065 +0.72% = 7 19.438 +0.72% =
Slaughtered swine (heads) Expand 600.511 +1.23% = 134.647 -0.66% = 5 26.929 -0.66% =
Eligible pigs (heads) Expand 548.865 +0.76% = 118.851 -0.70% = 5 23.770 -0.70% =
Rejected pigs (heads) Expand 51.646 +6.57% = 15.796 -0.38% = 5 3.159 -0.38% =
Live weight of sent pigs (kg/head) Expand 168,91 -0.96% = 168,46 -0.19% = 7  
Source: Processed by CLAL on IFCQ and CSQA data
p = provisional
* AM = Attestato per la Macellazione (Certificate of Compliance for Slaughtering): declaration via which the Farm of Origin certifies that the pigs sent for slaughter are compliant with PDO Production Regulations.
NOTE: The number of slaughtered pigs may be higher than the one of pigs with the Certificate of Compliance, as it includes pigs eventually certified in the previous month.
1 The weekly daily average is calculated by dividing the weekly quantities by the number of actual workdays of the week.
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