World: Harvested area intended for Cereals production

This page shows the historical trend of the harvested area intended for the production of Cereals.

The first chart represents the distribution of the harvested area by type of cereal in the main producing countries, both worldwide and in Europe.

The table below contains an overview of agricultural yields in the main world players for each product.

In the second chart it is possible to analyze the total harvested area for each product in the main producers worldwide, in comparison with the quantity of the previous season.

In the end, the third chart, reports the trend in harvested area for each product, showing the variations recorded in each country and their share on the global fluctuations.

The second and third graphs can be changed through the interactive selection of a product, by clicking on the buttons in the center of the page.

To extend the analysis also on the oilseed market it is possible to consult the page at this link.

Harvested area and yields worldwide

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Cereals production yield
Ranking of the main global players | Forecast data for the season: 2024-25
Rice, Milled
Cina: 5.91
UE-27: 5.57
India: 3.64
Stati Uniti: 3.48
Russia: 2.95
Cina: 7.19
Bangladesh: 4.79
Indonesia: 4.78
India: 4.27
Thailandia: 2.85
UE-27: 5.08
Australia: 2.61
Russia: 2.6
Turchia: 1.89
Kazakistan: 1.24
Stati Uniti: 11.36
UE-27: 7.4
Cina: 6.53
Brasile: 5.7
India: 3.41
UE-27: 4.28
Turchia: 2.91
Bielorussia: 2.38
Stati Uniti: 2.2
Russia: 2.06
Canada: 3.51
UE-27: 3.02
Brasile: 2.33
Russia: 1.9
Australia: 1.66
India: 1.42
Nigeria: 1
Mali: 0.86
Sudan: 0.64
Niger: 0.5
Stati Uniti: 4.34
Nigeria: 1.18
India: 1.11
Sudan: 0.67
Niger: 0.51
Source: USDA - Last update: 2024-07-13

Analysis of the use of agricultural land by single product

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