Latteria Soresina: maintenance of the territory and production of energy from renewable sources

Thanks to the cultivation and maintenance of the agricultural areas under their control the farmers and members of the Latteria Soresina farm an area of ​​about 1/4 of the agricultural soil of ​​the province of Cremona, one of the Italian provinces most devoted to agriculture.

In 2014 Latteria Soresina, a leading Italian cooperative in the dairy sector, increased its foreign sales of Grana Padano by 23%, and its overall sales of branded products by 7%. The brilliant results brought the turnover to Euros 330 million, a 1% increase over 2013. The overcoming of the domestic economic crisis and the increase in sales were due not only to the excellence of its products but also to the self-production of energy from renewable sources, which represents a great source of saving and a sign of respect for the environment.

In 2014 Latteria Soresina and its 217 associated dairy farmers produced energy from renewable sources (biogas, cogeneration and photovoltaic) for over 133 million kw/h, equivalent to the energy needed to fuel 31,150 cars or to supply electricity to 44,000 homes.

All this translates into a saving of CO2 equal to the carbon dioxide produced by 14,423 cars.

Grafico auto-produzione di energia
Grafico risparmio CO2

"We want to feed the planet in a creative and respectful way. As knowledgeable agricultural and dairy farmers, apart from sowing our lands and breeding our animals in maximum comfort, we want to sow values, which really make the difference in life as well as in any business", this is what the Chairman of the Company, Tiziano Fusar Poli, tells us.

What would happen if the Italian agri-food sector would record, in proportion to its turnover, the same results?

If the Italian food sector had, in proportion to its turnover, the same self-production of energy of Latteria Soresina, it would derive renewable energy sources equal to those required for the movement of 13 million cars, meaning more than 1/3 of the entire car fleet circulating in Italy today. Said differently, it would be sufficient to supply the electrical power necessary for 38 million homes, more than those existing in Italy. The lower CO2 emissions would be equivalent to the carbon dioxide emitted by 6 million cars. Latteria Soresina is therefore a virtuous model to be imitated.

It is also in virtue of these efficiencies that it has been possible to have access to the resources necessary to increase production and to expand. Special attention was paid to investments, which in the last 10 years recorded an average value of 8.7 million Euros a year. "A lot of energy is necessary in production - confirms Tiziano Fusar Poli –, to be able to save energy while polluting a lot less helps us to improve our results, it enriches our country, defeats the economic crisis and gives a future and hope to our children."

Source: Latteria Soresina