UE-27: Average cow milk yield

This section shows the annual average cow milk yield in alcuni Paesi della UE-27 which is calculated by comparing volumes of milk output (milk deliveries) with Number of cow heads.
Region Year Milk Deliveries
('000 tons)
Number of cows Cow milk
yield (kg)
Italia 2022 13.005 1.631.128 7.973
Germania 2016 31.973 4.274.490 7.480
Francia 2016 24.453 3.678.410 6.648
Ireland 2016 6.852 1.398.070 4.901
The Netherlands 2016 14.324 1.744.830 8.210
Poland 2016 0 2.183.490 0
Milk Deliveries: EUROSTAT, AGEA (Italy)
Number of cow heads: EUROSTAT, AIA (Italy)
With regard to Poland it has been considered Milk Production (EUROSTAT) instead of milk deliveries.
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